The Most Beautiful Places in the Netherlands

The beautiful country of the Netherlands is home to many beautiful places. From expansive national parks, to romantic canals and quaint Dutch towns, there are plenty of stunning destinations for visitors to explore. Here are some of the most beautiful places in The Netherlands!

-Paleis het Loo Palace in Apeldoorn is a beautiful place to visit for travelers who are interested in the history of The Netherlands. This country has been one of Europe’s most powerful countries throughout its long history, so there are many impressive attractions that visitors will find here! 

-Delft – a beautiful city in South Holland, is a beautiful place for visitors to explore. This small town has been the site of many important events throughout history, including one of Rembrandt’s most famous paintings! 

-Volendam – this quaint fishing village that still retains its traditional culture and architecture from hundreds of years ago. The beautiful canals that run through Volendam are also ideal places for romantic couples looking for picturesque spots to snap some photos together while they travel around the Netherlands on their trip!

-Zaanse Schans – another beautiful spot located in North Holland makes a great daytrip out of Amsterdam or any other major cities in this country! Zaanse Schans features an entire area filled with windmills from the 17th century, and the beautiful Dutch countryside surrounding this place makes for a beautiful picture!

-Keukenhof – more than seven million tulips are planted here every year. This is one of Europe’s most famous flower gardens that attracts visitors from all over the world to admire some of the Netherlands’ best attractions during Springtime. 

-Weesperzijde – Weesp is another beautiful town located in North Holland which features ancient homes with plenty of history behind them as well as canals running through it like so many other cities and towns in The Netherlands! 

-Hollandsche Schouwburg – an art deco theater on Plantage Middenlaan used to be a deportation center where thousands of Jews were held before they were deported to concentration camps during World War II. The beautiful architecture of Hollandsche Schouwburg makes it one of the most beautiful places in Amsterdam and a great site for visitors who want to learn more about this city’s history!

-Zuiderzee Museum – located in Enkhuizen, another beautiful town that is situated along an expansive canal, the Zuiderzee museum tells visitors all about life on these waterways with plenty of old boats and artifacts from hundreds of years ago when canals like these played such a large role in Dutch culture! 

-Museum van Loon – This beautiful mansion once belonged to William III’s favorite courtier. Both he and his wife lived here until their deaths and their beautiful home is still preserved today with many of the original furnishings on display for visitors!

-The Hague – another beautiful city located in South Holland, this Dutch town used to be where all important events took place. Today it remains a beautiful area filled with plenty of history that makes every visitor want to explore more about what has happened here throughout time! 

-Huis ten Bosch (House in the Woods) – This beautiful palace was built by William III as his private summer house where he could get away from daily business affairs when needed. It features lovely gardens and architecture which make its exploration through these luxuries residence well worth any traveler’s time during their visit to The Netherlands!